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Our approaches

We initiate, facilitate and participate in engaged Conversations that support the creation of shared meaning, alignment of values and purpose, and buy-in within and across organisations.

We create and enable change Processes that turn organisational vision and purpose into values-based actions that shape a successful future for the organisation. 

We go beyond teaching leaders what and how to do things. Our approach delves into the who and where of leadership. It’s not just about learning new skills and techniques; it’s about aligning the whole person.

That’s why we support change at four levels of leadership

Our featured programs

The Leadership Catalyst

We design and support the implementation of comprehensive leadership development programs. Depending on your organisational needs, these programs can encompass responsible recruitment and onboarding, internal policies, processes and training to grow responsible leadership culture and practice, and exit/handover procedures for future learning.

Mentoring Magic

We create and implement peer mentoring programs for leaders, promoting collaboration, learning, and mutual support in their professional growth. Our services include specialised training for mentors and mentees, guidance for program coordinators, and the design of tools for monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

Navigating Tomorrow

We run inclusive scenario planning process to help teams visualise future changes, explore alternatives, and understand implications for their programs and organisation. Tailored scenario planning training and facilitation, along with support in outlining future scenarios, analysing opportunities and risks, facilitate strategic decision-making.

The Power of Us

Our diversity, equality, and inclusion program fosters positive change in organisational culture, policies, and operations. Comprising mentoring, training, and practical support, it helps create a fairer, more diverse workplace, enhances staff belonging, improves participation, and broadens representation through diverse partnerships.

Secure Horizons

This specialised training for human rights professionals teaches the principles, specifics, and techniques of analog and digital human rights monitoring, provide tools for effective open-source investigations, demonstrate the application of digital security, and support the development of individual and team resilience.

Communication Virtuoso

In this series of practical workshops for leaders and managers, our experts focus on communication mastery, guiding participants in crafting impactful questions and embracing active listening so they can effectively navigate diverse needs, handle crises, and adapt their role throughout project stages.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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