Are Your Teams Future-Ready?

Our cooperative of experts, educators and practitioners helps organizations like yours achieve sustainable impact.

Already a decade ago, 86% of respondents in the World Economic Forum’s Survey on the Global Agenda said we face a global leadership crisis.

Not much progress has been made since. Our diverse expertise and experiences have led us to the same conclusion:

Leadership models of the past are not fit to meet today’s challenges. We need to change them.

What change is needed?

Organisations do not create results – only people do. To be relevant, credible and future-ready, organisations need to change their leadership paradigm towards a new mindset of seven responsible leadership outcomes™:

Ethical leadership
Employee engagement
Employee empowerment
Diversity, equality and inclusion
Responsible communication
Responsible innovation and use of new tech
Sustainable purpose

Our vision

Our ambition is a systemic global change where:

Experts, educators, and practitioners stand together for responsible leadership policies and practices in political, civic, and business sectors.

Organisations and structures in these sectors apply principles of ethical leadership centered around the people and committed to a sustainable purpose. 

People in all organisations and structures are co-creators of their programs and operations and can use their full potential to achieve organisational goals for the common good.

How do we support change?

RLA enables organisations to develop responsible leadership culture, policies and practical actions.

Our highly tailored evidence-based processes support organisations during their leadership change journey, even more challenging in the current volatile and complex environment. 

We apply the principle of co-creation throughout all stages of our 3As approach™: 


We help assess needs at individual, team and organisational levels.


Leaders, teams and employees acquire new skills, competencies and tools to address the needs.


With our support, you apply the skills, competencies and tools through organisational policies, processes and practice.

We leverage organizational strengths to support rapid and sustainable adaptation in a dynamic environment.

We help organizations unlock the full potential of their employees and stakeholders to generate quality ideas, collaborate effectively, and make a sustainable impact in their field.

Our cooperative

RLA brings together skilled experts, educators and practitioners from multiple nationalities and diverse backgrounds. We have supported responsible leadership change in dozens of organisations in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Our broad practical experience has a strong foundation in professional studies at top universities. Our approaches are grounded in modern knowledge of leadership, emotional intelligence and human motivation. 

For all our diversity, we are united by a shared belief in the urgent need for a new paradigm of responsible and values-based leadership. We know how such a paradigm can make organisations thrive in today’s world and be future-ready. 

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