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We are a global cooperative of experts, educators and practitioners helping organisations achieve sustainable impact.

Our mission

The mission of the Responsible Leadership Academy is to help organizations and structures achieve sustainable impact. 

We create conditions in which people are committed to and proud of their organization’s purpose. 

We help organizations to be responsive to the needs of their stakeholders, and able to go beyond their objectives to make a real difference in their environment.

We enable organizational realities where all people are valued for their contributions and have equal opportunities to participate. In those conditions, people can develop and use their full potential at work. They are driven to create quality ideas and outcomes together, and share responsibility for seeing them through.

Our expertise

We are a global cooperative of experts, educators and practitioners committed to building responsible leadership within teams, organizations and institutions.

Our experts have worked around the world and bring experience from diplomacy, international organizations and NGOs, think tanks and academic institutions, media, businesses and startups, consulting and international trade.

Our diverse experiences have led us to the same conclusion:

The leadership models of the past are not fit to meet today’s challenges. Something needs to change.

With modern global research and decades of cumulative leadership experience in our network, we have developed a framework of seven responsible leadership outcomes:

What’s new

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