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Who we are

RLA brings together professionals with decades of cumulative experience in diverse sectors and organisations, from IGOs, NGOs, think tanks and universities to media, business and startups.

Our deep practical understanding of complex leadership issues is supported by professional education from top academic institutions. 


Countries where out experts worked


Organizations where we supported change

Our principles


We develop responses to your leadership challenges together with you, to help build the mindset, knowledge, and skills that you need to make your teams and organisation future-ready. 


We stimulate a safe and inclusive workplace environment where there is empathy, compassion, and openness, to unlock the commitment, engagement, and creativity of your employees.


Even though we have our signature workshops and training, we are not a training agency. We design, facilitate and support processes that can create a sustainable change in your organisation’s culture and operations. 

Our Expertise

Our experts lead impactful conversations, learning & change processes to weave the seven responsible leadership outcomes™ into the fabric of teams and organisations. Our diverse expertise translates into practical and engaging processes that will drive impact for your organisation. 

Meet Our Founders

Katarzyna Gardapkhadze


“Organisations don’t create results, only people do.” RLA lead expert on developing leadership growth programs, mentoring schemes and strategic/scenario planning. Former First Deputy Director/Acting Director at the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. Educated in psychology, graduate of Stanford University’s Leadership Academy for Development. Certified trainer and experienced mentor, member of the Forbes Coaches Council. 2019 recipient of the Ambassador for Liberty and Peace International Award of Excellence. Decades of professional experience from inter-governmental organisations and NGOs in the United States, Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.

Larry Olomofe

the United Kingdom

“Throughout 25+ years of my career, I have focused on what I’m truly passionate about: social justice, equality, equity and non-discrimination.” RLA lead expert on diversity, equality and inclusion. Graduated from Cambridge and Oxford, diploma from the NY New School for Social Research. Delivers training and builds organisational capacity on issues of diversity and inclusion, workplace sensitivity and non-discrimination, including international and national legal frameworks. Governmental, non-profit and commercial entities in 42 countries have benefit from his knowledge, expertise and experience. Founder of PADLink and Cosmodernity in support of people of African descent and standing up against the discrimination they face.

David Mark


RLA lead expert on the responsible use of new technologies. Educated in international relations and European studies, graduate of the “Data: Law, Policy and Regulation” course by the London School of Economics and Political Science. A networker and an experienced trainer with an Institute for Leadership & Management certification. Expert in human rights monitoring and open-source investigations; digital security, algorithms and data privacy, and human rights in the digital space.  Spearheaded innovative technology solutions at the United Nations and the OSCE to support human rights defenders and civil society actors in safe and secure leverage of digital tools for human rights. Facilitated activities with Roma civil society, the Open Society Institute and the European Parliament.

Marta Stacewicz – Paixao


“I assist leaders in co-creating pathways to impact based on growth, change & what they do best.” RLA lead expert on sensemaking and strategic communication. Educated in communication design and strategic communication in Nova and Lusofona Universities in Lisbon. Applies tools of design attitude, such as strategic questioning, listening and sensemaking, helping organisations solve structural problems in creative ways. Designs and coordinates communication mapping for project teams. Helped multiple organisations go through crisis and change situations, with mastermind programs for distributed leadership.

Our experts worked with diverse organisations to support their journey towards seven responsible leadership outcomes™:

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