Emerging stronger

Sustainability and resilience through COVID-19 and beyond

The 12-point strategic checklist for leaders and organizations

With the Covid-19 pandemic, our organizations face a crisis of an unknown duration and unprecedented proportions. While acknowledging the uncertainty and unpredictability, we can foster behaviors and mindsets that will help us look ahead.

This is why the Responsible Leadership Academy has prepared this special hands-on strategic checklist: 12 tactics that, if applied in your organization, will help you move forward and build up new muscles while going through the crisis.

To get the right answers, you need to pose the right questions. This is why we have crafted a set of questions for each of the 12 strategies. They make the checklist as practical as possible.

We will help you find specific answers to the questions. This way, we will support you in determining the strategic steps to prepare your organization for its next chapter.

Download the 12-tactics leading questions