Who we are

A global cooperative of experts, educators and practitioners helping organizations and structures achieve sustainable impact.

86% of respondents in the World Economic Forum’s Survey on the Global Agenda said we face a global leadership crisis.

Our vision

The Responsible Leadership Academy’s vision is to drive forward a systemic global change where: 

  • Leadership experts, educators and practitioners stand up together for responsible leadership policies and practice in political, civic and business sectors.
  • Organizations and structures in these sectors apply principles of ethical leadership centered around the people and committed to a sustainable purpose. 
  • People in all organizations and structures are co-creators of their programs and operations and can use their full potential to achieve organizational goals for the common good. 

Our team

The Responsible Leadership Academy is a diverse team of professionals from around the world. We have experience in international organizations and diplomacy, NGOs and think tanks, media, businesses and startups, consulting, international trade and academic institutions. 

We are a team of specialists who have built expertise through our work in different industries and roles. But for all our differences, we are united by our shared belief in the urgent need for a new paradigm of responsible and values-based leadership.

Our expertise is built on years of experience in different organisations and professional studies from some of the world’s leading educational institutions, including Stanford Business School, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Trinity College Dublin and the New University of Lisbon.

Our featured experts